The Company

Our Policy


The company, headquartered in the state of Bahia, operates throughout Brazil in the fields of Construction, Installation and Maintenance Industrial, Electromechanical, Turn Key Developments and Sanitation, while recognizing the risks and issues associated with these activities.
ELOS aims to satisfy its customers and employees, improve the performance of its employees and seeks the continuous improvement of its Integrated Management System with a focu on:

• Profitability
• Improvements in quality, safety, environmental and social responsibility
• Prevention pollution, injury and disease
• Saftey and other requirements


In accordance with the laws of the country and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights proclaimed by the United Nations – UN, CONSTRUTORA ELOS ENGENHARIA practices a policy of non-discrimination:

• By ethnicity
• By sex
• Sexual orientation
• By religion
• Of marital status
• For physical disabilities
• By age
• For alarming disease
• By regionality
• By credit restrictions
• For any other type of discrimination